Trust the pros trusted by the pros! For over a decade, All Mobile Towing has been providing multiple law-enforcement agencies and business fleet owners in Rhode Island and Massachusetts with premier towing services and we’d like to do the same for you.

Wreckmaster Certified, Licensed, and Insured

Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) Authorized to Operate in 48 States

Our experience tow operators arrive quickly to offer courteous and reliable service to professional and private customers faced with an emergency. From simple disabled vehicle tows to complex accident recoveries including winch-outs and rollovers, our well-maintained fleet is equipped with the latest tools & technology to ensure precise and gentle care. But that’s not all that we do!

We offer Mobile Truck Repair, Emergency Vehicle Lighting Installation, and State of Rhode Island Truck and Trailer Inspections, Monday through Saturday. Trust the pros trusted by the pros!

Towing for Big Rigs to Compact Cars

Don’t risk dealing with less than the best! Wreckmaster Certified with over 10 years of emergency response service under our belts, we continuously invest in the latest tow advancements to keep our fleet up-to-date and rolling strong. Plus we only hire responsible dispatchers and trained tow truck operators to provide expert on-the-road services with courtesy and respect. From 18-wheelers to passenger cars and everything in between, rely on our advanced tow trucks and exceptional staff to roll to your rescue!

Emergency Lighting Installation

Partnering with police, emergency vehicle providers, and truck fleet owners, All Mobile Towing installs Light Bars and Directional Light Sticks, Perimeter Warning Lights, and more according to manufacturer recommendations. We know you have important work to do, so turn to us to customize your build or replace lighting and other equipment quickly and efficiently. From warning lights to search beams, every product we install undergoes a rigorous post-inspection to ensure quality illumination near and far.

Mobile Truck Repair

You may not always need a tow when your heavy-duty truck breaks down. At All Mobile Towing, our drivers can bring mobile service to your location to provide repairs and get you on your way. If by chance the issue requires more specialized service, we can also tow your truck to the repair shop of your choosing. Before you call for a tow by anyone else, call us to make sure you really need one!

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Towing and Related Services

Been in an accident? Our tow operators offer careful recovery of your vehicle with our state-of-the-art wreckers. Many vehicles are not safe to drive after a collision or breakdown even when they are not completely disabled.

For maximum safety and to prevent further damage, call on us to tow your vehicle. We’re here to provide you with one less thing to worry about in a stressful situation. Need mobile truck repair, a truck safety inspection, or emergency vehicle lighting? We do that too!

  • Heavy-Duty Towing
  • Medium-Duty Towing
  • Light-Duty Towing
  • Mobile Truck Repair
  • State of Rhode Island Truck/Trailer Inspections
  • Emergency Lighting Installation
All Mobile Towing

Rhode Island Truck & Trailer Inspections

Licensed by the State of Rhode Island to conduct truck & trailer inspections, All Mobile Towing is at your service. All heavy-duty trucks in the state with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 8,500 lbs. are required to pass an RI Safety Inspection at least every 12 months.

If your truck is due, schedule your safety inspection at All Mobile Towing. We perform all inspections efficiently so you can quickly get on your way with a new sticker, or apprise you of any repairs that might be needed to avoid downtime.

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